General Information

This section gives you information about the Parish Council and other elected officials for the village of Spaldwick.

Parish Council Office

In order to contact the Parish Council, please write to: Ms Ramune Mimiene, Clerk to Spaldwick Parish Council, 24 Manchester Road, Brampton, Huntingdon,  PE28 4QF, email address:

There is a great deal of information available from the Clerk and other resources. Much of the information and its location is listed in this document: Info Publication Scheme V3 18_06_15 updated with new Clerk’s address 6 Sep 17.

Spaldwick Directory

Parish Councillors

Steve Fane de Salis (Chairman), Hazel Cottage, 18 Thrapston Road
Mike Robinson (Vice-Chairman), 27 Thrapston Road
Ian Harriman, 51 High Street
Sharan Jackson-Rimmer, 7 Littlecotes Close
Richard Johnson, 41 Stow Road
Graham Smith, 3 Stow Road
Jason Pope, 11 Ivy Way

District Councillors

Jim White 01480 890451 e-mail

County Councillors

Simon Bywater 01487 831079 e-mail

UK Parliament

Shailesh Vara, MP web-site

European Parliament

Stuart Agnew 01245 266466 e-mail web-site

Tim Aker 01245 266466 e-mail web-site

David Campbell Bannerman 01245 266 466 e-mail web-site

Vicky Ford 01954 211 722 e-mail web-site

Richard Howitt 01223 240202 e-mail web-site

Geoffrey Van Orden 01245 345 188 e-mail web-site

Patrick O’Flynn 01245 266466 e-mail web-site

Parish Plan

The Spaldwick Parish Plan is available to view. Click here to download.